Wednesday, January 12, 2011



I keep on walking in a circle and meeting the same people...i mean the same place and it annoys me!

That's how I felt yesterday... I don't know but I think I have such a poor sense of direction. It's not my first time. But what makes it worse is that I'm not yet fully recovered from my fever and I found myself wandering alone in an unknown street at temp of 0C. Great!! You really did a great job nurul!

Finally, I gave up and used my metro ticket just to be at the other end of the metro exits...yes~ without boarding any train. Actually, I am planning to withdraw some rubles from bank maskvei and it is located at the other end of the metro station..not the usually one that we use everyday. But then, I couldn't find the right way and end up being at the same spot...again and again. To be's so easy to get there..and I don't seem to have any idea how I got...lost~

Ohh..maybe I'm not paying enough attention while walking. My friend said that I'm always in my own world....Perhaps. But...what kind of world?

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